Book Review – AI Superpowers.

AI Superpowers – China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order.

Kai Fu Lee is a leader in AI, having worked as an executive for Apple, Microsoft and Google. As a computer scientist and businessman, he has a unique insight into both worlds that the general public doesn’t get to see through public media outlets.

AI Superpowers” is also a personal account of how Kai Fu Lee was forced to face his own mortality when diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and realized he had lived his life as a machine. His cancer diagnosis was from an old crude system, and AI with its more advanced and accurate diagnosis gave him a brighter outlook for his personal life expectancy.

This book both contradicts and confirms peoples views on China and the USA, depending on certain biases.
The topic and points of discussion are important to read or hear, but will be hard for people who are unwilling to look for answers to problems and prefer to remain in their blissful simulation based on a bias and conditioning of past entrenched systems, that will become obsolete with or without their willingness to adapt to the technology revolution.

AI Superpowers is an excellent book for those interested in the economic consequences and global social system which are then linked back to domestic AI competency and hierarchy. Universal income possibilities and downfalls are discussed as well as the global impact on types of future jobs, human employment and our ability to lead a fulfilling life.

‘What does it mean to be human ?’ – is the underlying question.
Love is the one thing that gives us life and makes us human.
AI has the ability to give humans a more prosperous and longer life to enjoy as a human, but it is ultimately our choice as to how we embrace, use or abuse AI.

AI will affect all human social systems.
The ‘New World Order’ is already upon us.

Watch the following video of Kai-Fu speak at Ted, with a brief summary of his own book.

How AI can save our humanity.

*This Book Review is the personal opinion of Heidi M – written by Heidi M. Also submitted to “The African Migrant” print publication, Vic, Aus.

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