Book Review – Life 3.0      

Life 3.0 – Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Mainstreaming AI safety was and is the goal !

Life 3.0 gives the negative and positive aspects and expectations of AI.
The writer and narrator give a detailed explanation that allows you to form the image in your mind.

In sections, this book is science fiction.
It paints a picture of what could be humanities future, with breathtaking detail and storytelling.
Then in other clearly defined sections, it will cleverly switch to a more technical and research based narrative to inform and keep you balanced in your perspective about AI.

It left me more knowledgeable about both the negatives and positives,  with a greater optimism.
Despite media click bait and sensationalism, there are alot of people actively researching AI safety, but the positive aspects rarely make the headlines in today’s society.


I recommend this book for people who want a positive future through embracing technology rather than fearing it.
This book gives you the awareness of the dark and bright sides of AI.


AI is not going away.
Either embrace it and make it work for you.
Fear it and let it control you.- Heidi M

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