Enjoy your nachos!

Quick and easy home made nachos from ingredients in your pantry and fridge.

Enjoy as a snack or a meal, while reading blogs or entertaining.

1. Position any corn chips onto an oven proof tray or dish.
A microwave can also be used, but the chips aren’t as crunchy.
2. Use any cheese that melts, I used 1.5 Havarti slices and broke them into small pieces.You can use more or less cheese depending on your preferences.
3. Spread off the shelf Salsa according to your needs, you can make your own salsa if you desire.
4. Use any meat, I used sliced ham and diced it, then spread it over nachos according to my taste buds. Vegetarians can omit this step.
5. Place in a moderate oven (180 – 200 °C ) until cheese melts. Keep watch so that the chips don’t burn.
6. Place dollops of Lite or fat sour cream on the side or in a condiment dish.
Plain yogurt can also be used as a substitute.
7. Artistically place slices of avacado on the top, or guacamole if you can make it.
These photos were taken in real time.
No photo shop editing apart from some brightness.
This is how the nachos actually look.
** Quantities & costs have been rounded up & may vary.


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