Pattern Recognition = Brain Washing.

ICE cars catch fire every day, but don’t make headline news.

One electric car catches fire and it’s Armageddon

The mind is programmed to accept everyday things such as ICE ( Internal Combustion Engine – gas, petrol etc ) cars catching fire, through pattern recognition. It happens so often that the brain is trained to see it as being normal and an accepted part of everyday life. It could be argued that the more we are exposed to reports of electric cars catching fire, the more accepting we will become, through pattern recognition.

Unfortunately, this would be a false representation of the statistics, when you compare the percentages of the two general car categories, ICE and EV’s in circulation with the percentages that actually catch fire. Not taking into account subcategories of makes, models, climate, road conditions, driving intensity, arson, etc.

Business Insider – May 2019
INSIDEEVs – Dec 2018
Clean Technica – Dec 2018
CNN Business- May 2018

The EV category of cars that actually catch fire, is rightly depicted as an anomaly, as it is not normal and does not happen everyday at the percentages of the ICE equivalent.

The problem is how it is presented to the public by the media.

If they openly acknowledge that it is an anomaly, not an everyday event, which is why they are making a big deal about it, this would be an accurate representation of the facts.

If they omit this information in order to sensationalize (click bait), it could be deemed as giving misleading information through the deliberate omission of the facts.

Apart from the unethical question this raises, if the party delivering the information has a financial interest, directly or indirectly, in misleading the public and affects the stock value or increases their own personal financial situation through a gift, commission, paycheck or funding etc. this should be of interest to the legal entity of that industry, as fraud – particularly if there is a recurring pattern of behavior, that indicates it is not an isolated misrepresentation.

Section summary:

In today’s information environment. If it is headline news, it means it is not an everyday occurrence (an anomaly) or it is clickbait.

Are you Human, Machine or Robot ?

Pattern recognition is brainwashing, either subconsciously or deliberately.

It takes a strong mind with many other views for comparison, to change the acceptance of that pattern recognition.

To see and store other views the mind must have a big storage capacity and the processing power, along with the knowledge of how to decipher the information, to even be able to alter their own brain pattern recognition.

If they are unable to do it for themselves, that’s when others can control your mind through deliberate brain washing.

This is why, dictatorships and controlling people want people to be uneducated or only exposed to what they want you to see. These people and entities will often try to ”break”, the mental strength, and people’s belief in themselves, their team or network of people. To enable their process of deliberate brain washing to begin.

The more you use your brain in different areas, the stronger your brain becomes. Its just like your body muscles, the more you use them at different disciplines and intensities, the more they grow and develop the strength for different tasks with the ability to adjust quickly and effectively to required movements .

AI is a broad term compared to a machine.

Most machines are brilliant at one task, but useless at others. They are like some humans, deliberately brain washed /programmed for certain pattern recognition, while oblivious to other things.

For general AI , the goal is for an overall intellect with a super capacity and ability across multiple disciplines, with a self learning and self correcting ability, to enable its growth.

* This is my opinion based on my experiences and observations. I do not speak of behalf of others and this may or may not represent other people’s opinions – by Heidi M


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