Collaborate with or Sponsor Hmmstudio by Heidi M.

Collaborate with or Sponsor Hmmstudio by Heidi M.

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The Hmmstudio Gallery is now open.

Take a tour, at your own pace, wherever you are. I will be reguarly adding to the gallery with new images, gifs and videos. New categories are planned for the not too distant future, so stay tuned. CLICK OR TOUCH TO VIEW THE GALLERY. ⇩ GALLERY Or copy and paste URL:

Sounds of Future electric cars. From psychedelic to farts.

This post contains some videos and is best viewed in web format at Disclaimer : This is not a paid promotion, by any company, manufacturer or individual. I've had a pretty awful start to 2020 so I wanted to have some fun of my own, so this is a little dreaming, a little escapism... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Word Android Demo-on a phone!

This post contains videos and is best viewed on in web format.The videos are mobile phone screen recordings in portrait view. The most popular word document software / app used in a professional capacity is Microsoft Word. Knowledge and use of the software is often required. It converts and crosses over into other word... Continue Reading →

Poems – A trip down memory lane.

For the start of 2020, I thought I would dig up some archived poetry. I present my time travel down memory lane. Hope everyone had a great start to the New Year. TIRED OF BEING TIRED Sometimes, I just get tired of being awake to things.Other times, my eyes are tired of seeing.Then, I get... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2020

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year, whatever it may mean to you personally. First to celebrate New Years 2020 Samoa and part of Kiribati Kiritimati, Apia Last to celebrate New Year's 2020 Much of US Minor Outlying Islands Baker Island I always think the next year is going to get better.It always fell short.... Continue Reading →


Helloooo good looking! This post contains videos and is best viewed in web format at If, like me, you have a thing for good looking widgets, then I have a couple you'll want to display on your phones. Not only do they look good but you interact with them, directly from your phones home... Continue Reading →

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