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Hmmstudio by Heidi M Collaborate I am a freelancer and open to collaboration.Sponsorship proposals of by Heidi M, are welcome.Support Hmmstudio by Heidi M with a monetary contribution of your choice via a secure PayPal payment below 🔻 Verified    Account Thanks for your time in reading this. "Time is the most precious commodity... Continue Reading →

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French Fries meet Edgy Wedges.

I see your French fries and I raise you Seasoned wedges with an edge. Quick and easy. I used standard seasoned wedges from the supermarket, but you can make your own. Preheat your oven to 200 - 230 °C depending on your oven. Place your wedges on an oven tray and cook for approx. 10... Continue Reading →


Python lurks behind the scenes but works hard for you.

Python lurks behind the scenes but works hard for you. .... 🐍.... While I was learning Python3, I thought I would design a program to quickly edit my review or long blog posts. ....🐍.... Read more

AWAKENING -The Twinborn Chronicles

An epic tale,where the entangled lives of twin born people exist in parallel worlds.It contains everything from dragons, sorcerers, warlocks, goblins, war battles, pirates & necromancers. The first 3 books are combined into one book.Audible audio book 67 hrs. The Twin born's dreams are realities in parallel worlds.  They're linked to each other, through their... Continue Reading →

Painters of Reality.

Painters of Reality. 🔸 Book Review 🔸 For Leonardo Da Vinci , nature was a mysterious generative force, and his paintings depict statements of ambiguity. 🔸 Read more......

A self taught photographer.

Daniel Ernst ▫️ Photographer ▫️ WordPress blog ▫️ Instagram At first glance, I did not see what the photographer saw, I saw something else, but the image and its elegant simplicity drew me in to look closer and see the image from the photographers Viewpoint. Photograph by Daniel Ernst. Initially, I saw a wooden stick... Continue Reading →

SPRING CLEANING ADVICE 🚨 from Cyber Security experts.

SPRING CLEANING ADVICE 🚨 from Cyber Security experts.

Growing electricity.

Sometimes you watch or read something that makes you go, wow. Sorry humans, but we did not invent electrical networks. These living growing multi-cellular micro-organisms are literally electricity and it doesn't stop there, these 2cm tiny electrical pulses can link together to create an electrical network to cover an ocean floor, to create an electrical... Continue Reading →

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